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16:00 - Open source and open knowledge - what I’ve learned in my first year at Wikipedia (Grant Ingersoll, CTO @ Wikimedia)

One year ago, I became CTO of the Wikimedia Foundation, the global nonprofit that runs Wikipedia and its sister projects. Over the past 19 years, Wikipedia has grown to become the largest collection of open knowledge in human history as well as as one of the top ten most visited websites in the world. And it’s been built, edit by edit, thanks to an active and engaged movement of volunteers from around the world that give their time to write an encyclopedia. Wikipedia is known for being radically open and transparent, from every edit ever made to every line of code that runs our projects. Yet our longevity is both a challenge and an opportunity. How do you modernize a working system, one that is edited on average 350 times a minute, all on a budget that pales in size to platforms of similar size ? In this talk, I’ll share the surprises and the lessons I’ve learned over the past 12 months behind the scenes at this grand experiment in open. I’ll also share what other open source projects big and small can learn from the example of Wikipedia.

16:25 - Goodbye to Operations Burnout (with Devops) (Gustavo Homem, Founder and CTO @ Solid Angle)

Sucess has lower entropy than chaos. Do you see too much randomness in our IT operations?

16:50 - The Era of Enterprise Data Cloud with Cloudera Data Platform (Álex Campos, Solutions Engineer @ Cloudera)

Hybrid and multi-cloud are the new normal for data and analytics. Cloudera Data Platform is a powerful solution to help companies to accelerate data adoption and bring value to their business, along with sophisticated and advanced security and governance policies that IT and data leaders demand.

17:15 - A Universal Approach for Building a Successful Automation Testing Solution (Young Ngo, Vice President of Product @ Katalon LLC)

An automation testing framework consists of many complicated parts. Designing the framework is one of the key stages for providing a sustainable automation testing solution, especially in the open-source world. Commercial tools may offer the framework for you already, but hardly any open-source tools do. You have the advantages of free choices with the open-source approach but if you cannot leverage them in a proper way, your testing solution won’t last long. It might become unmanageable or unmaintainable when you have hundreds of test scripts. You might end up rebuilding the whole stuff or need to adopt a commercial solution.

We’ll introduce an approach for building successful automation testing solutions based on any open-source tools. It is based on 10-years+ experience in this industry. Equipped with this, you can be confident that your solutions can last for 4 to 5 years with thousands of test scripts. You will know what pieces of automation testing you should care about, what you should prioritize to implement.

Share with the audience about our success story with Katalon Studio development — an automation framework by itself. We’ll show how Katalon Studio is implemented following the above mindset and how you can leverage any automation testing framework to be a successful automation tester.

17:40 - Open Source Hardware and the Circular Economy (John Laban, European Director @ Open Compute Project Foundation)

The new EU Green Deal is built on the 21st century embedded economy model which has at its core sits the 'open source technology collaborative commons' plus the Circular Economy and decarbonisation.

The EU Commission is driving extensive research as evidence for new EU policies in: Data Centre Circular Economy; Open Source Hardware and Open Source Software for publicly funded ICT; Decarbonisation addressing embodied CO2 through its EU border CO2 taxes; Circular Economy.

I shall weave together the above disruptions to show how open source technologies and collaboration is key to addressing issues of rapid climate action and how this results in 80% decarbonisation and 90% dematerialistion of Data Centres and the digital infrastructure.

The story will inform, educate and entertain and hopefully make you smile at least once.

There are no prerequisites other than an open mind and basic English.

18:30 - The Open Source Community Core (Jono Bacon, Community and Collaboration Strategy Consultant, Author, and Speaker)

In this session from Jono Bacon, an industry-leading community consultant and author, he will share some key lessons learned across his career about how to build simple and effective open source communities. This will be a practical, insightful session covering topics such as community growth and engagement, incentives, and more, all designed to fuel discussion throughout the rest of Open Source 101.

18:55 - The Open Collaboration Maturity Model (Russell Rutledge, Director of Community and Inner Source @ NIKE)

We believe that every person and organization is ready to incorporate more open source principles and activity into their regular work. This presentation discusses how to make that change happen, no matter what the current engagement or proficiency level of the people or team you're working with. To frame this discussion we'll present The Collaboration Maturity Model, a unified way of representing multi-participant collaboration both within and without a company. The model is easy to remember and shows how strictly open source activity relates to and is supported by other forms of collaboration in and out of your organization.

The Collaboration Maturity Model gives you a map of guideposts to follow on your organization's journey towards open source. You'll easily be able to find where you are, where you want to go, and the small, incremental checkpoints that you can hit on your way there. As you listen to and gain ideas from other sessions of the conference, you'll be able to mentally plot where those ideas apply in the maturity model and focus on those that lie squarely in your incremental path of growth towards open source culture.

19:20 - ESOP Award

19:30 - Closing (With Host Andy Hodgson)

It's a wrap!

18:05 - Embracing InnerSource for your adaptive Digital Transformation (Piergiorgio Lucidi, Chief Technology Evangelist @ TAI Solutions and Member @ Apache Software Foundation)

During this session you'll be able to discover how InnerSource will bring a disruptive cultural change for approaching Digital Transformation. Everything will be shared in a smart way to be faster on any change, the meritocracy approach will reward people involved and attract new talents. Finally prepare an action plan with your team for any improvement of your architecture adding new technology bricks when the business needs.

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