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Our Little Family Farm

A Farm-to-Table Experience

Established in early 2018, Our Little Family Farm is a first generation farming family. As a family we invite our patrons and supporter to be a true part of our journey. We do our best to capture every lesson learned, share every success, and take every chance to partake in this grand adventure we have set ourselves on.

We located in the Cheshire region of Junction City, Oregon on a homey 5.5 acre farm. Our land is shared with varied assortment of animals that are far more spoiled then they give us credit for. However, what we are most known for are our jams, jellies, and sauces. All of our products are made from the produce that we grown and cultivate right here at Our Little Family Farm. We use no artificial ingredients nor do we use any pesticides or chemicals on our plants. We take great pride in producing homemade products that will bring you home with every bite.

Our entire family looks forward to your future and on going patronage and support.

25701 Hall Street Junction City, OR 97448|   541-297-1287   |

jelly, jam, jars, canning, sauces

Made fresh from the ingredients grown in our orchard and garden, picked by hand, then cooked up in Mom's very own domestic kitchen.

Come meet us for yourself. We always have samples on hand and are happy to answer all questions.

grandpa and mom at strawberry patch

Come read our family stories, laugh at our rants and raves, or pick up some tips and tricks we've learned along the way.

"This is an amazing family doing amazing & wonderful things! Make sure you try the applesauce, even if you don't like applesauce, it's the best applesauce ever"

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